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Welcome to Kid’s Adventure Week 2015 hosted by Grace La Mirada & Grace Fullerton. We are looking forward to spending the evenings with your family during the week of June 22-26!

We hope your family will join us for a fun week of Bible stories, hilarious skits, great music, fun games, and exciting crafts and activities.

LOST IN SPACE Adventure Week is open to kids age 3* through 5th grade.

*All children must be potty-trained to participate. We offer childcare for children under age 3 whose parents are volunteering or visiting the Parent Café.

Register Today!

Registration for our Adventure Week program is FREE. We do offer t-shirts and dinner for the entire family for a small cost.

Volunteer Directions

Child Registration Form

T-Shirts & Meals

Size Youth Size
XS 2-4
S 6-8
M 10-12
L 14-16
XL 18-20

You can also register, buy kids LOST IN SPACE t-shirts and meals with cash or check at our Adventure Week table every Sunday in June at both our La Mirada and Fullerton campuses. Or stop by our church office at our La Mirada campus during the week! Buy your shirts now before we sell out!

Don't Forget!

Please pick up your family’s REGISTRATION PACKET on Sunday morning, June 21st at the Adventure Week table at the La Mirada campus. We will also have a Drive-Thru REGISTRATION on Monday June 22nd from 10:00-11:00 AM in the lower parking lot of the La Mirada campus. Avoid the rush on Monday night and pick up your Registration Packet at one of these times! The packet will include shirts purchased, name tags, parent claim tag, and pre-paid dinner tickets.


Families and volunteers are invited to eat dinner together before our program begins. Dinner will be served each night from 5:00 to 6:00 PM for $2.00 per child (12 and under) and $3.00 per person (age 13 and up). Save money and pre-pay for the week! Pre-pay prices are $8 for kids and $10 for adults for 5 nights of delicious dinners. All the meals are cooked and served by the Grace Groups from our church. We try our best to make the meals as nutritious as possible. We also have a table with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at every meal.

Menu TBA

Monday ...
Tuesday ...
Wednesday ...
Thursday ...
Friday ...


Our Opening Meetings will be held each night from 6:00-6:45 PM in the West Sanctuary for K-5th and the upstairs youth room for Preschool. The children will be watching a skit or puppet show and learning our LOST IN SPACE songs. The kids will sit with their teams and their team leaders. Kids will start lining up by their team flag outside the main sanctuary at 5:50 pm. Their team captains will be there to greet them and lead them into their Opening Meetings. If you have a preschooler, we ask that you stay on campus for the entire evening.

Each night from 6:45-8:15 PM, the K-5th grade kids will be traveling to four stations with their teams in the East Building. At these stations the kids will hear a Bible story, learn Bible verses, play games, do crafts, and have dessert. The preschool kids will have their own rotation to five similar stations in the Children’s Ministry wing.

Check In/Out

When you arrive each night please visit the Registration area first. On Monday night your child should come to Adventure Week WEARING their nametag. They will still need to check in at their team table. If you did not receive a Registration Packet ahead of time, then visit one of the Registration booths. On the following nights when you arrive, your child will check in and pick up their name tag at their team table.

Parents and each child in the family will be given a family number that will be used for check-out. This number will be on each child’s name tag. Parents will be given a wristband with your family number written on it. Parents can wear it on your wrist all week or put it on your key chain.

Please pick up your Preschool children at 8:00 PM and your K-5th graded children at 8:15 PM each night. You will need to show your wrist band in order to pick up your child. If someone else is picking up your child, please give them your wristband, or make arrangements at Registration when you check them in.

To pick up a child in Preschool, please go to the playground and a volunteer will direct you to your child’s room where you will get your child. You will pick your child up from this same room every night. You will show your wristband and turn in your child’s nametag to one of our staff at the gate.

K-5th grade children should be picked up at the front doors of the West Sanctuary. Please wait in the line that goes through the foyer, tell the worker your family’s last name and your kids will be called to you. Then you will show your wristband and the kids will turn in their nametags to one of our staff at the door. Please pick up your child promptly as our workers need to leave and get ready for the next night of fun!

Parent Café

Parents are invited to relax in our Parent Café from 6:45-8:00 PM each night. It will be located on the center patio. Join us for delicious dessert, Starbucks coffee, and uninterrupted conversation. Nursery and toddler care will be provided for parents visiting the Café. If you would like to donate a dessert for the café, please contact us at:

Friday Night Closing Programs

On Friday night we will have our closing program for all families of K-5th graders from 7:50-8:30 PM. The kids will sing and share their memory verses with you. Please join us in the West Sanctuary for this special celebration!

The preschool kids will have their own special closing program at 6:00 in the upstairs youth room. After the program they will do their regular rotation and then they can be picked up at 7:45 pm. Families are welcome to leave at that point or attend the K-5th Closing program.

Coins for Missions

Every year we partner with a missionary that our church supports to pray for their ministry and collect money for a specific need they have. Each night we collect a different type of coin. We have a special Coins for Missions project planned again for this year (This Year's project TBA)! The kids will learn more about our missionary family and this year's Coins for Missions project at Adventure Week. Encourage your child to do extra chores around the house this week to earn coins for this special project!

Wednesday DIME NIGHT

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, the team captains will lead the children through the gate to Benton field (on the south side of our campus). The children will sit with their teams until the Leadership team has determined if it is safe to return to campus. If there has been an emergency exit during check-out time, or if it has been determined to be unsafe to return to campus, parents should pick up their children from Benton field. We will follow the same procedures with checking wristbands at the gate.

What Are We Learning This Week?

Through our outer space theme this year, the kids will be learning about God's RESCUE PLAN to save us from our sin. Each night they will hear a piece of THE PLAN told through a different Bible Character.

Help Your Kids Learn More

Here are a few resources to help you continue to teach your child about Jesus once Adventure Week is over. These books are appropriate for Preschool and Elementary Children and give them a clear understanding of who God is, and how He has redeemed us.

Helping Your Child Understand the Gospel

Helping Your Child Understand the Gospel by Matthias Ministries

Children’s Bible Storybooks

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