"For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God." — 2 Cor. 4:15

Frequently Asked Questions – Adventure Week

What is a typical night like at Adventure Week?

Families gather on the patio to enjoy a meal together before the fun begins!  Kids join their teams and attend the opening meeting including a hilarious skit to introduce the night’s lesson and energetic music with heart-changing lyrics. The teams then make their way through stations, following the Biblical theme of the evening and learning in fantastically fun ways!  Crafts reinforce the memory verse of the night, games and snacks match the theme, the actors in the Bible Room make the lessons come to life, and the Gospel Station gives kids a chance to hear, consider, and ask questions about the gospel in a small group setting.  Preschoolers have similar stations with age-appropriate activities to give them hands-on learning centered around the Bible lessons of the week and the Gospel.

How much does Adventure Week cost?

Registration for our Adventure Week program is FREE. We do offer t-shirts and dinner for the entire family for a small cost.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes.  Credit cards are accepted for purchasing meals or shirts through our website.  Cash or checks are accepted for purchasing meals or shirts in person on the Sunday morning before Adventure Week or on the evenings of Adventure Week.

What should my child wear?

Kids should dress comfortably and wear play shoes. If you purchase an Adventure Week shirt, they can wear that every night.

Where is the best place to park?

If the church parking lot is full, additional parking is available in the Far East Broadcasting lot located off of Imperial Highway or in the Rite Aid lot.  If parking near Rite Aid, please park close to Imperial Highway to leave ample room for business parking.  Please do not park in the restaurant parking lots.

When and where do I check-in my child each evening?

When you arrive each night please visit the Registration area first. On Monday night your child should come to Adventure Week with their nametag that is found in your family registration packet. They will still need to check in at their team table where they will be given a lanyard for their nametag. If you did not receive a Registration Packet ahead of time, please visit one of the Registration booths. On the following nights when you arrive, your child will check in and pick up their name tag at their team table.

Parents and each child in the family will be given a family number that will be used for check-out. This number will be written on each child’s name tag. Parents will be given a band with your family number written on it. We suggest that parents put it on your keychain. This makes it easy to find and can be given to another adult who has permission to take your kids home.

At 5:45 pm, you can take your child to meet their team and team leaders.  Elementary teams meet on the patio.  Preschool teams meet on the upper playground.

When and how do I pick up my child each evening?

Please pick up your Preschool children at 8:00 PM and your K-6th grade children at 8:15 PM each night. You will need to show your family claim band in order to pick up your child. If someone else is picking up your child, please give them your family claim band, or make arrangements at Registration when you check them in.

To pick up a child in Preschool, please go to the playground and a volunteer will direct you to your child’s room where you will get your child. You will pick your child up from this same room every night. You will show your family claim band and turn in your child’s nametag to one of our staff at the gate.

K-6th grade children should be picked up at the front doors of the West Sanctuary. Please wait in the line that goes through the foyer, tell the worker your family’s last name and your kids will be called to you. Then you will show your family claim band and the kids will turn in their nametags to one of our staff at the door. Please pick up your child promptly as our workers need to leave and get ready for the next night of fun!

What if I need to pick up my child early from Adventure Week?

Elementary parents, go to the Information/First Aid booth located on our central patio near the Parent Cafe’.  They will assist you in locating and checking out your child.

Preschool parents, go to the Nursery Check-In desk located in the Preschool Wing of our main building.  The Preschool Coordinator will bring your child to the desk, officially check-out your child from their team, and check your family claim band.

When are the closing programs?

On Friday night we will have our closing program for all families of K-6th graders from 7:50-8:30 PM. The kids will sing and share their memory verses with you. Please join us in the West Sanctuary for this special celebration!

The preschool kids will have their own special closing program at 6:00 in the Eagles/Owls room. After the program they will do their regular rotation and then they can be picked up at 7:45 pm. Families are welcome to leave at that point or attend the K-6th Closing program.

How do I find out what team my child is on?

Team information will be included in your registration packet. Please pick up your family’s REGISTRATION PACKET on the Sunday before Adventure Week at our table on the patio from 9:15 AM – 1:00 PM. We will also have a Drive-Thru REGISTRATION on Monday from 10:00-11:00 AM in the lower parking lot. Avoid the rush on Monday night and pick up your Registration Packet at one of these times! The packet will include shirts purchased, name tags with team assignments, parent claim tag, and pre-paid dinner tickets.

Can my child be on a team with their friends?

Our teams include kids of all ages!  It is very likely that your child will be on a team with someone they know, however we do not take specific team requests.  Groups of teams travel to together to each station throughout the evening.  If your child is not on the same team as their friends, they still may be together at each station.  We want Adventure Week to be a time of learning, having fun together, and making new friends.  Please encourage your child to be a friend to someone new on their team!

If you are visiting our church for Adventure Week, please make a note on your registration form of who invited you in the “my child is a guest of…” box.  We will do our best to put visitors with the person they were invited by.

Can my child change teams mid-week?

For your child’s safety, teams cannot be changed mid-week.  Our emergency procedures are built around knowing who is on what team and where that team is throughout the night.  Team Leaders do not have the authority to approve any team changes.  Please visit the registration table if you have additional questions.

What if my child has an injury or medical issue?

We have a nurse or EMT on call at our First Aid Booth each night of Adventure Week.  We will call the Emergency Contact Number that you provide during registration to reach you if needed.  First aid kits are located in each of our classrooms.

What if my child has a food allergy?

We are sorry that we cannot provide alternatives to our evening meals and snacks. Menus for our evening meals are listed on our website, and a list of our snacks items for the week will be included in your registration packet. Children with allergies are welcome to bring their own snack each evening. Please be sure to list your child’s allergies on the “allergies” section on the registration form.

I have a child with special needs.  Can they attend Adventure Week?

Absolutely!  Please make sure to check the “my child has special needs” box on the registration form.  Our Adventure Week staff will be in touch so that you can let us know how to make Adventure Week a great experience for your child.  One-2-One Buddies are available to join with your child throughout the week, to build relationship and enable participation.

Can my child who is older than 6th Grade help at Adventure Week?  

Our Student Volunteer Program is available to students who regularly attend Grace EVFree, complete our application and training process, and are serving alongside their parents or mentor.  Click here for more information about our youth programs.

What if I need to change information that I already filled out on my registration form?

Send a note with the updated information to adventureweek@graceevfree.org.

Do you screen your volunteers?

Yes.  All our volunteers complete our screening process.  We are fully committed to providing a safe environment for your child.  All of our Adventure Week volunteers must complete our application process and our training.

How do I make a donation to Adventure Week?

Thank you for supporting Adventure Week!  Follow the link below to make a donation online.  Select “Adventure Week” from the dropdown list of designations. You can also write a check to the church and designate Adventure Week in the memo line.