"For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God." — 2 Cor. 4:15

April 14, 2019

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Passion Week. We are calling our Passion Week service series GLORIFIED and working our way through chapters 12-20 of the Gospel of John. In chapter 12, Jesus declares:

“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit (John 12:23-24).”

Through the remaining chapters of John’s Gospel, the words glorify or glorified feature prominently (more than 12 times).

  • Jesus is glorified through His death and resurrection, like a grain of wheat falling into the earth and dying in order to bear much fruit).
  • God the Father is glorified by the Son through his trusting obedience to the point of death on the cross.
  • God the Father is glorified by us as we receive and abide in Christ, bearing much fruit.
  • The Father glorifies the Son in returning Him to the most exalted place, “the glory I had with you before the world existed.”
  • And because of the resurrection we now have hope that one day we will be glorified as Jesus is now glorified.

Randall Gruendyke will be preaching this Sunday from John 12:12-26 and Kenny Clark will be leading our sung worship. Would you pray for each as they prepare?

Then, in the following week we will have three more Passion Week services.

Maundy Thursday (6-7pm) – A reading and song service from John 13-17 where we will remember the last Passover meal Jesus shared with his disciples and the new commandment He gave them (and to us!) that they love one another as Jesus had loved them.

Good Friday (6-7pm) – Jackson Randall will preach from John 19:16-30 on the death of Jesus, and the hour of glorification for which He came to earth.

Resurrection Sunday – Erik Thoennes will preach on Jesus’ glorious resurrection from John 20:1-10.

Would you pray, asking the Lord to draw many who need to hear and receive the good news of the gospel? Pray for all who will attend these services that our faith would increase, that our living hope would grow, that Christ would be exalted in our hearts.

See you Sunday!

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