"For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God." — 2 Cor. 4:15

Adventure Week Volunteer Information

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  The mission of Adventure Week is to clearly share the gospel with our community and families of Grace.  Come serve with us to make the gospel come alive to hundreds of kids this summer!  We need you!

All types of volunteers are needed!  If you’re willing, we have a job for you!  Even if you’re unavailable during Adventure Week itself, we could use your help to get ready.  You’ll find a list of jobs on the registration form, or you can read the detailed job descriptions here.  Let us know how you’d like to serve.  We appreciate you already!

Volunteer Sign-Up Forms

Volunteer Registration is now closed to allow time for screening and training.  All are invited to help with set-up (June 24, 1pm) and tear-down (June 29, 8pm) or at the Parent Cafe’ each evening of Adventure Week.

*All new volunteers must complete a Screening Form. Returning volunteers will be notified if an updated form is needed.

Submit this form online or print a hard copy.  To submit electronically, download the form, save to desktop, then click “SUBMIT.”  You cannot submit through your internet browser.

*All minors must complete our Minor Screening Form each year. Please PRINT, sign, and return the screening form to the Adventure Week table on Sunday morning or the church office. Online submission is not available for minors as a parent signature is required.

*Meal tickets are no longer available for purchase on our website. Please purchase your meal tickets with cash or check at Drive-Thru Registration (Mon 10-11AM) or each night at dinner. If you did not prepay for meals but would like to, we will be offering our special pre-pay price to eat for the week until Monday night.  After Monday you will need to pay by the day.

What to Expect

Adventure Week is a fast-paced, God-centered, crazy-fun week!  Lots of volunteers work hard to get ready!  We build and paint sets, write music, prep crafts, study for Bible lessons, rehearse skits, pray together, plan how to really serve families, and train an army of volunteers.  

Each area of Adventure Week is overseen by a director.  We have directors for Administration, Volunteers, Elementary Programming, Preschool & Nursery Programming, Décor, and Community.  Each director empowers a team of leads to make their area ready for Adventure Week.  For example, the elementary director supports the leads for elementary games, crafts, Bible room, etc.  As a volunteer, you will be working in a particular area alongside other volunteers with the support of a lead.  Your lead will help you know what to expect for your specific job assignment.  

Once Adventure Week is here, we have dinner together on the patio each evening, many of our volunteers coming after work.  Then we jump into our jobs – some as team leaders, some in craft/game/snack stations, some cuddle babies in the nursery, some patrol the parking lots, some mingle in the parent café to greet and pray with parents.  We leave each night with full hearts, marveling at the truth of the Gospel and God’s work among the kids and families who attended.  

Training and Commissioning

VOLUNTEER COMMISSIONING:  Plan to attend our Volunteer Commissioning on Thursday, May 31 from 7-9pm.  Whether this is your 10th year serving at Adventure Week or your first, we ask that you attend this special meeting. We’ll prepare ourselves for the week, commit together to serve faithfully, and pray for God’s work among us and the kids who attend.  

VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK:  It is very important that you read our Volunteer Handbook thoroughly.  What do you do if a child is injured?  What time do you need to show up?  Where do you pick up your nametag?  Great questions!  Those answers and many more are found in our Volunteer Handbook:


Important Dates for Volunteers

MAY 31
Prepare for Adventure Week, commit together to serve faithfully, and pray for God’s work among us and the kids who attend! We’ll see you in the Main Sanctuary from 7-9pm.

Dates TBD
Come help the Adventure Week team transform the church by building, painting and creating sets and decorations!

You can pick up your shirt after 2nd or 3rd service or between 1:00-1:30 PM on Sunday, June 24 in A-2 (the room behind where coffee is served on the patio). Please contact awvolunteers@graceevfree.org if you are unable to pick up your shirt that day.

We need a small army of people to set up for our week! Please join us after 3rd service on Sunday, June 24. We will start setting up at 1:00 PM. We will have various set-up crews that you can join.  If you cannot come until later in the afternoon, we would love a second shift of volunteers around 4:00 to help us finish up making sure everything is ready to go!

We will have a brief meeting with all Team Captains on Monday night at 5:00 pm in the West Sanctuary.

JUNE 25-29
Check-in in the Volunteer Room each evening. Dinner begins at 5pm. Team Leaders meet teams at 5:40. Program is from 6pm – 8pm (preschool), 8:15 (K-6th)

We will have a brief meeting with all Team Captains on Wednesday night from 8:30-8:40 in the West Sanctuary.

On Friday night after the closing program, we will need everyone to help clean up and put our church campus back together. Please plan on staying a little longer on Friday night. After all the families have been checked-out and you have said goodbye to all your kids, please clean up your ministry area. A Clean-up Crew Leader will have an instruction sheet for your area to ensure that all materials are returned to the right place. Clean-up instructions will also be posted in the Volunteer Room on Friday. Please bring all Adventure Week supplies and decorations from your area to the Youth Room.

Job Descriptions

You will help all the children get checked in each night by giving them their nametag, checking them in on their team clipboard and making sure their parent has a claim wristband with their family number.  Please be at church at 4:00 PM on Monday for training.  On the other nights please arrive no later than 4:50 PM as Registration opens at 5:00 PM.  We will also need your help on the Sunday before Adventure Week between services and after 3rd service, as well as on Monday  from 10:00-11:00 AM to distribute Registration Packets at the Drive-Thru Registration.

You will be preparing and serving drinks and snacks to the children at the game station for K-6th and delivering the snack to the Preschool snack room.  Your team will decide who will serve in each place each night.

**We are re-developing the Prayer Team this year.  We do not have details at this time but we will keep you posted on your very important job of serving at Adventure Week through prayer!**

You will be helping set up and serve coffee and dessert to the parents at the Parent Café. We try to make a comfortable and peaceful place for parents to visit and get to know one another.  In addition to serving, hostesses should make sure that any new families have someone to talk to and welcome them.  This is a key place of ministry to new/visiting families and we pray that intentional, gospel-centered conversation happens at the Parent Café each night.

You will be standing at each of our driveways from 5:00-6:00 each night.  As our parking lot fills, please direct people to park at Far East Broadcasting and NOT at the restaurant parking lots.  From 6:00-8:30, your job is to walk around our campus and keep watch for wandering children, or any facility, safety, or medical needs.  In addition to wearing your Adventure Week shirt, you will also be given an orange vest and radio to make you official.  Please return your radio and vest to the Info/First Aid Tent every night.

We want ALL children to have a great experience at Adventure Week.  You will be assigned one or two kids who have a physical or behavioral challenge and who require a little extra attention.  Please try to meet the child’s parent on Monday night and ask how you can be most helpful to their child.  To the child, you will look like another one of their group leaders, so feel free to get to know the other kids in the group and join in the fun.  If your buddy needs a little break from the crowd, you can take them outside until they are ready to rejoin the group.

You will lead a group of 15-20 kids for the week and serve in a camp counselor-type role.  You will be the most consistent person in their lives this week so please make the most of every opportunity and seek to show them Jesus in all your words and actions.  your group finishes their dinner, they will come line up by your flag.  Please have one leader from your team be at your flag by 5:40 pm.

You are welcome to come up with team cheers or decorate your AW shirt to show your team spirit. The more team spirit you have, the faster your group will bond. Be on the lookout for new kids who may need help getting to know the other kids in your group. If you have a child on your team who you think may need some extra help, we have One2One Buddies available.  While at the various stations, your main job will be to help with “crowd control” by making sure that everyone is listening, not distracting others, not being disruptive, and is playing kindly.  You will need to safely guide your group to each station in your rotation at the appropriate time and get them seated at the next station.

Your team will first be teaching the kids their memory verse in a fun a creative way each night.  The memory verses can be found on page 10 of your Volunteer Guide.  Your team will want to have the verses written out in large letters on poster board for your room. You will also be helping the children do a very simple craft each night that displays the memory verse.  Please work with your station leader to make a system for cleaning up and being ready for the next group of kids.  You will have a color-coded laundry basket for each team to store their completed crafts.  Please bring the laundry baskets to the West Sanctuary before check-out and place them by their team flags.  If crafts are wet, they can be brought home the following night.  Please label all crafts with the child’s name and team color.

You will have 20 minutes with each group to teach them a portion of the Gospel and then meet in small groups.  Your site leader will contact you with how the lessons will be divided up for the week.  The theme of each night’s lesson can be found in the Volunteer Guide. The last 7-8 minutes of your time will be spent meeting in small groups.  Gospel Station Leaders will have the same group of kids from each rotation every night.  We want you to have the opportunity to have consistent interaction with groups of kids.  During this time you will be asking them application questions that go along with the gospel message shared that night.  You will be praying with the small group for the missions focus for the night. There will be a clipboard in your room for you to write down any significant interaction with certain kids. Please try to use this clipboard so that the Prayer Team can pray specifically for them.  Remember, it is not your goal to pray a prayer of salvation with the children.  We believe this is the role of the parent or other significant adult in that child’s life.  However, it is your goal to see that all the children leave at the end of the week with a greater understanding of what Jesus did for them on the cross and a hunger and thirst to know him more.  If you have a child who seems really ready to ask Jesus to be their Savior, we encourage you to talk with their team leader and one of you can talk with the child’s parent.  If you are unsure if the child’s parent is a believer, please find one of us on the AW Leadership Team or Children’s Ministry staff and we will gladly help you best minister to the child and their parent.

You will be leading the groups in a game each night on the grass by the lower parking lot.  Please help the children and group leaders have a fun and high-energy time without getting too competitive.  We want the goal of this time to be for the kids to have fun, get some energy out, and get to know each other, not to prove who has the “best” team.  If you can make the night’s memory verse be part of the game, that would be great!  The game time will last about 12 minutes and then the kids will be served their snack and water.  Snack time is a great time to get to know the kids and ask them to say their memory verse. Please be on the lookout for kids who seem to be having a hard time getting involved with their team or making friends.  Sometimes these kids need a little help joining in.

You will be doing a monologue or skit to teach the night’s Bible story to the kids.  You will be given a script and costume. The memory verse may be mentioned at your station to connect it to the story, but it will be taught to the kids at a different station.  Also, the Gospel station is set up to share a portion of the Gospel with the kids each night.  Please remember that it is not your goal to pray a prayer of salvation with the children.  We believe this is the role of the parent or other significant adult in that child’s life.  It is your goal to see that all the children leave at the end of the week with a greater understanding of who God is, what Jesus did for them on the cross, and a hunger and thirst to know him more.

You will be teaching the night’s Bible lesson in an age appropriate manner.

You will be helping the children do a craft each night and helping them practice their memory verse.  Please have your craft ready to go before each group comes in your classroom.  You will also be leading the kids in some activities to practice the memory verse.  Please bring each team’s craft baskets to their final station before check-out.

You will be helping the children explore our daily Bible themes and our general theme through indoor creative play.  Please engage yourself with the kids in their play and don’t just sit back and watch. The kids will also be given a brief lesson each night to help them understand the Gospel at their level.

You will be helping the children explore our daily Bible themes and our general theme through outdoor creative play.  Please engage yourself with the kids in their play and don’t just sit back and watch.

The kids will also be given a brief lesson each night to help them understand the Gospel at their level.  You will be helping serve the snacks while they listen to the lesson.  Please be aware of kids with allergies by checking their nametags.

Volunteer FAQs

Links & Resources

Visit our Adventure Week website to register kids and download this year’s music.