"For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God." — 2 Cor. 4:15

Grace places a very strong emphasis on missions, as we long to see the gospel proclaimed all around the world, especially in those parts where Christ has not been named.

We believe that the local church should hold missions as a major priority in financial commitments, training, prayer and teaching. Currently, our missions budget is approximately 20% of our overall budget, which enables us to partner with our missionaries spread around the world.

You can see all the missionaries that we support, as well as look into our philosophy of missions. Each month we pray for the missionary of the month, and we partner through them with worldwide prayer.

Grace has been blessed with many gifted teachers and people from all parts of the world. Out of this, has come Grace Sending, a meeting devoted to helping people discern a calling to overseas missions as well as equipping them and sending them to where God might have them.

Our Commitment

Our greatest and ultimate goal in missions is the same as in everything we do: That the glory of God would be exalted and His name would be praised¹. We share God’s desire to see Christ worshipped, honored, and praised among all nations.

We believe that the most loving thing we can do for others is to help them to see that their primary reason for existence is to worship God. When people trust Jesus, God is glorified and they are saved, and God’s intention for his creation is fulfilled.

We also believe that God is most glorified and life is most meaningful, abundant, and fulfilling when we are obeying God in reaching out to others and laying down our lives for them².

“I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” –Matthew 16:18

Our Confidence

Our confidence in missions comes from God’s promises that our missionary efforts are empowered and assured by His power, authority, presence, and sovereignty³.

People from every nation will one day bow the knee to Jesus⁴. Therefore, our mission will be finished one day. Because of this, we believe that church planting among un-reached people is the greatest need of missions⁵. Frontier missions that reach people groups that do not yet have access to the gospel are our priority.

We believe that the primary battle of missions is spiritual, and therefore prayer is the foundational discipline of our missionary efforts⁶.

Because our mission is a spiritual battle, our lifestyles should reflect a willingness to sacrifice and suffer for the cause of Christ⁷.

Christians must either be missionaries, senders of missionaries, or disobedient. Let us strive to obey.

Our Financial Emphasis

How we spend the money God entrusts to us at Grace will mean more than what we say. Our values are reflected in the way we spend our money. At Grace, we have resolved that approximately 20% of our annual budget will be spent on missions. Our church must model self-sacrificial giving if we expect individuals in our flock to give in this way.

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  • The missionaries must possess strong Christ-like character and hold our theological commitments.
  • The sending organization must be one that reflects our theological commitments and one that we trust.
  • The ministry must have a holistic focus, but with a strong emphasis on evangelism.

High Priorities

  • The ministry should be seeking to reach unreached people groups and/or closed countries. Church planting should be a goal of the ministry.
  • The missionaries shall have been accepted to membership at Grace for a minimum of three years prior to their missionary service.
  • The missionaries shall have demonstrated significant participation in a ministry at Grace for a minimum of two years prior to their missionary service, so that the Missions Committee can evaluate their level of participation for such service.
  • The location should be strategic for reaching the world.
  • The emphasis of the ministry should be on training and empowering indigenous workers.
  • The missionaries should be committed to long-term ministry.

Come Pray for Grace’s Global Ministry

Every 3rd Wednesday, 7:00-8:15 p.m. in the West Sanctuary, you can be a Partner in Prayer for Grace’s global ministry. Receive prayer requests from our Partners around the world; pray for those serving, those considering serving, and those needing to hear the good news; and hear how you can be engaged in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission for the church to make disciples of all nations.

All are welcome!

Our Partners


Brian and Julie O’Herin

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Brian and Julie O’Herin serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Brian is the International Linguistics Coordinator for SIL International. Their Bible translation project in Russia is moving forward again, and Brian has worked to coordinate support for teams developing ways to write previously unwritten languages (orthography) and making dictionaries and lexicons.


Come to Him Ministries

Southern California, USA
Visit their Website

CTH is a unique Christian ministry that grew from a stay in a jail cell in 93-94, to a network of people who want to change the lives of people and their communities. The desire that God has placed on the heart of James Chambers, CTH founder, has grown into an effective Christ-centered ministry that has touched the lives of many people.

Hopson Family Picture - December 2016

Mark and Shelley Hopson

California School Project, Chicago, USA
Watch a Video

CSP is expanding it’s mission beyond California & Chicago. The Hopsons are launching a new 2-year program called “Mission for America” for college graduates to help accelerate the mission for every student in the USA. We’d encourage any graduating seniors looking for a way to serve the Lord after college to pick-up info about this program in the hallway.


Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic

Offices in Whittier & Pasadena, USA
Visit Website

For 25 years, the WPCC has been offering more than just pregnancy services.  In addition to ultrasounds and counsel (often for young women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies), the WPCC also presents the gospel.  In 2014, 134 patients were touched by the gospel message and 29 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Ben and Lindsay Orr

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, USA
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Ben and Lindsay serve with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Ben directs the Baseball Division in Southern California where they use baseball as a platform to reach deep in to the hearts and minds of young impressionable athletes by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


Rick and Melanie Floyd

Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA

Rick and Melanie work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Rick consults for translation projects around the world and also trains future Bible translators through linguistics courses at Biola. Melanie is a Resource Coordinator for furloughing missionaries.


Don and Kathy Allen

CSU Long Beach, USA

Don and Kathy Allen serve with the Navigators at CSU Long Beach where they seek to proclaim the Gospel, mentor young Christians, prepare future leaders and lead lives that honor God and draw people to Him against the influence of our secular and increasingly ungodly culture.


Michael and Samantha Owen

Pacific Islands University, Guam

Michael and Samantha are missionaries with Liebenzell Mission USA. They have three children named Titus, Courage and Serenity and currently serve in Guam at Pacific Islands University.

Los Angeles Bible Training School

Visit Their Website

The mission of the Los Angeles Bible Training School is to bring glory and honor to God by coming alongside local churches to train the people of God in the Word of God to do the work of God.  Several of our church members teach or have taught at this school such as Fred Sanders, Uche Anizor, Erik Thoennes, Rob Price, and Andy Draycott.

Other Missionaries

We also support missionaries who are serving in closed countries and cannot post their names or contact information online. Please contact Grace Partnerships for any questions about these missionaries.